Save MixConsole Settings (Direct Routing)

Hey, y’all! I’ve seen similar threads to this but nothing exact before. Is there a way to save all MixConsole settings as default upon opening a project?

I have a massive orchestral template that replies on Direct Routing Summing mode being “On” and that is not the default as far as I can tell. Is there any way to make that default as always on?


If you store Direct Monitoring On into the project/template, it will load next time. So once you create a project from the Template, the Directo Monitoring will be enabled.

Yeah, but that doesn’t actually solve my issue because I’m usually importing tracks (with complex direct routing) from the template, not loading the template itself. So I need summing mode on 100% of the time.

So just to be clear: If your tracks in your template have the setting “on” that setting is no longer “on” when you import those tracks into another project?

It does import the Summing Mode (on/off) of the track, but not all the originally assigned outputs (only standard out).

For most of my projects I use a base template. Among many things, this template has a ton of group tracks for different purposes. If I Import Tracks From Project from a project that was made created from this base template into a project that was also created from the same template, all my Direct Routing destinations are retained*. If Summing Mode was on for the tracks I import, that setting is also retained.
My understanding, without having tested it a whole lot, is that the routing destinations, which in my case are always group tracks, must have the same position/structure/ID in both the source and destination projects.
I both regularly use Import Tracks From Project as well as importing Track Archives (which I believe follow the same principles).

*) There are a few quirks that I can’t explain however. Direct Routing destinations that are “Outputs” (outputs to your audio interface that is) do not seem to import. The track does remember its Summing Mode setting, just not the routing to the hardware outputs.
Using a VST Instrument with multiple outputs enabled appears to have its own mysterious behavior. If you want to use summing mode on any of the added stereo busses, those destinations must be added to the main stereo, “S 1/2 [Stereo] (Main)”, bus as well. Otherwise they won’t be remembered when you try to import those tracks again. Luckily, I have never needed more than 8 unique destinations for any single VSTi, so I get around it by adding the needed busses to the Main instrument output bus (S 1/2) without them being turned on.

This is on Cubase 12 Pro.

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Okay, after experimenting a bit more, I realize my problem isn’t the Direct Routing Summing mode but rather that Cubase actually just “forgets” some of my direct routing upon importing tracks. It keeps the vast majority of them but maybe it struggles to retain it all when loading so many tracks?

Might be the same problem you described, mlib. I’ll experiment with that.

Yes that’s my understanding too.

My main Template only has a handful of basic Instrument, Audio and Sampler tracks. But it also has a very extensive set of nested Group Channels arranged to give me a lot of routing flexibility - especially combined with Direct Routing.

Then separately I have a Track Library Project with a whole bunch of different pre-configured Tracks for use in other Projects. Then I use Import Tracks From Project… to pull them into Projects as needed. This Library Project is built from the same Template as I use for new Projects so any Destination on a Library Track will always exist in the new Project too.

I used to use Track Presets for new Tracks, but they don’t retain any routing. So I switched to Import.