Save Mixer Settings - Cubase 7.5 - BUG?

hi there,

actually i was wondering what happened to the “save mixer/channel settings” option in cubase 7.5. today i selected several single tracks and subgroups of a recorded drum kit to be able to transfer the exact same setting of each individual track or subgroup to another project/song, which was played by the same drummer for the same album.

so, after i’ve selected all the single tracks and groups i chose “save track preset” via right mouse click. first of all i was a bit confused why cubase doesn’t let me choose the folder where to save the preset freely, i must stay in the preset folders of cubase itself, which is pretty pointless i’d say. i want to save the settings inside of the project folder so i’m able to recall everything, even when i might open the project again (on another or upgraded computer). it was possible in cubase 6 as far as i remember! well, but that’s not the main problem…

then i’ve opened the other project and loaded the track preset i’ve just saved before onto the same drum tracks and groups. well, all the insert settings were rebuilt, but apparently ALL fader position, pan and send fx settings were lost. i mean it’s quite a while ago i did it with cubase 6, but back then EVERYTHING was transferred/rebuilt, including fader position, pan, send fx etc. (and on top i was able to choose the place where to save the preset files myself).

well, did i miss something here or am i using the wrong function? why did they change it in cubase 7? or is it kinda bug in 7.5 and should work like i’ve mentioned above? any workaround to be sure that cubase 7.5 will transfer the exact settings from one project to the other inside each channel or group (apart from doing it all manually)?

it’s in the “functions” menu… look for the dropdown arrow in upper right corner of the MC - “save/load selected channels” (just make sure you have a channel selected or it won’t show up)

adam, thanks for the tip! i’ll try that when i’m back in the studio.

so, do you know what the difference is between “save/load selected channels” and “save track preset”?

does it mean:
when i save the track preset it concerns only the inserts of the selected channels. when i choose “save selected channels” it will keep the ENTIRE settings of those individual channel settings.

am i right?

Yes, I believe that is the intended function of each.

alright, makes sense now… :bulb: just didn’t know about that little arrow, as far as i remember in earlier versions it was just a right click… :wink:

anyway, thanks again!