Save Modified Files in a Group

I have a single group with multiple files in it that are snippets from some longer source file. The tab grouping is great for this as it allows for organization that most other editors lack.

However, I’m in the process of saving these files, and would like to know if I can save them without input from me. As it is now, I get a new “Save Audio File” dialogue for each file, which requires me to type a name into the field. I’d like Wavelab to just save the files with the name in the tab (or some other scheme I can define) and I’ll rename them later. Is this possible?

Close the File Group and Save All?

Or “right click” (mac equivalent) the File Group tab and select Save Modified Files.

Hmm, I"m not sure we’re on the same page. That won’t do. These aren’t files on the computer, they are clips I’ve created by dragging them from another audio clip opened in Wavelab. So, they haven’t been saved to a destination just yet. Makes more sense?

Oh sorry. Then I guess you could use menu File/Export - Render Multi - Whole File. That should give you files with the tab names I think, if they’re selected in “source” on the left. But maybe somebody else knows a better way.

If I understand your request, then look at this function: multi file rendering. Click on the check box at the right side. Once, or twice, or 3 times. You can alternatively enter the “multi mode” byt Control Click on a file tab.
All the checked file can then be processed by the Render function (not “Save as”).

If your files are “untitled”, you can give them a name before hand, one by one, in the file view, info tab.
Or you can use a name scheme, to give them an automatic name. Eg. “Track” + counter.

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, bob and PG.