Save multi out instrument channels and effects?

So Ive been working with ablton live lately and the drum/instrument racks are amazing! Is there a way in C7 to create your multi out instrument in this case Groove Agent One…initiate your preferred effects on the individual channel outs ( reverb on claps channel, filter on snare etc) then save all of that for recall in another project later?

i should add that obviously I have tried saving it as a preset from the VST Instruments panel and it will only recall the GA One kit and internal settings… not all the channel outs and their effects.

Yes, there is way, how to do this.

Don’t open Groove Agent as Instrument track. Use VST Instrument (rack) [F11]. Add the Groove Agent here. Once you will route different drums to different cirtual otputs, you can activate these outputs in the VST Instrument (rack) window. Click on the little arrow (right of the “e” button). now, you will see list of virtual outputs of the instrument.

Once you activate it, new audio track will be created.

This is sreenshot (it’s Cubase 4, but it’s the same, in fact).

Hi Martin…thank you for the reply. I may not have been clear.
I have been initiating the GA in the VST Instruments as you recomended. My issue is after I have all of my channels set for my selected outs with the effects that I want on each channel …can all of that be saved for recall later on?
Sure I could save it as a whole template…and I will try that later today perhaps importing a template into an existing project. Ableton users will know what I’m asking…same idea as instrument /drum racks.

Tried saving as a template to later import into new project…its a no go.


Hi, James K

In the C4 days, I tried in every possible way to get multi-track presets working with Emulator X. To no avail, and I finally gave up… It is one of the things which make me avoid using the whole vstpresets/trackpresets/Mediabay system, which was introduced at this time, as much as I can. Maybe someone could prove me wrong and there have been improvements since, but considering your posts, it doesn’t seem so. A typical Steiny half-baked feature…

I indeed use templates for quickly recovering all track settings needed. Not perfect, but much more efficient and reliable, IMO.


Thanks C13. So I’ve set up a wicked great GA One kit with 6 Channel outs Distortion on the kick channel, Timeless filter delay on the snare channel and such …then I saved it as a template. All good but…how can I get that template imported to a new project? Cant really see that as an option or am I missing something here lol :slight_smile:

Sadly, you can’t. I just tried to create an empty project after opening a template based one. After trying to use one or the other active alternately, it seems that :

  • there is no option which allows you to move track(s) form one project to another,
  • drag and drop doesn’t work,

BUT you can create new tracks by dragging to a new project a dummy MIDI part, as an example. It indeed creates a new track, but problems are that :

  • doing this with a MIDI track indeed creates a new track, but without the original VSTi affected (and of course, no associated VST instruments tracks) and the VST instruments window (F11) remains empty. Which makes the process useless, IMO.
  • doing this with an instrument track is better : the associated VSTi is loaded with the inserts and sends kept with their parameters values, but you need to add the according FX tracks for the sends involved.

So, we stumble again on the multioutputs VSTis management, which requires the use of the F11 window.

What I do, actually, is using directly the template based project created, without trying to transfer something between two ones. Again, it’s not perfect but, after creating several templates and tweaking them to your need, you should have a more or less complete palette of ‘ready to use’ frames to work efficiently.

Sorry to be not more of help…

Thanks C13. In search of the perfect DAW :wink: well I love C7 for many reasons and although a few shortcomings I always find some work around. I think I will adapt your style of working to save a few different choice templates. Although it would be sooooo handy to recall a multi out instrument with all its desired effects in the middle of a project. Steiny are you listening ? :wink: cheers!