"SAVE NEW VERSION of a PROJECT" Does it work?

Am I right here? -Cubase 10’s function of Save New Version (of the project, see attachment) won’t allow you to easily test the two versions. Each time you test the new and old versions (by activating them) Cubase decides to laboriously reload all the samples again, even though they are the same samples for each version.

This means I have to wait 15 minutes to audition as I wait for my samples to reload! It seems that Save new Version simpy saves the project as another project.

Please tell me I’m wrong about this. The only way around it is to keep just one project version activated, but then I can’t hear the other project version (though I can transfer notes between the two).
In the old days, Cubase never reloaded samples every time you wanted to test a new arrangement.

I think you have the wrong expectation of what that function does. It simply saves the project, appending a number to the file name. It is not meant for the use case you describe, so it’s not so surprising that it’s doing a a bad job of it. :wink:

Track Versions, if that’s what you’re thinking about is a different thing.

There might be a better way, maybe you can share the details what you’re trying to do.

edit: I just looked at the manual entry you linked (didn’t know it was a manual entry till I opened it). I’m flabbergasted that they said that. That would work for an audio-only project, or a midi project with external, physical instruments. But I imagine you have VST instruments that need to load?

Yeah the Arrangements from Cubase VST are long gone, though many would like to see them come back.

ok. Yes, I have samples in Kontakt that Cubase insists on reloading each time I audition a new project version. I have a question about track versions but its a new question.

Have you looked into using the Kontakt memory server? That might help you


VEP is good for this problem too… Although it’s expensive.

Yes, VEP is how I solve the problem too. Using it makes Cubase light as air. :wink:

I don’t have KOntakt memory server showing up on my memory tab, see pic.
kontakt memorymode.PNG

VEP (Vienna Instruments Pro) all the way for big sample libraries.