Save Note Performer (NPPE) Set Up

I use a mixture of BBCSO and VSL Special Edition instruments when scoring (along with some native NotePerformer sounds). Once I select the instruments, I change the number of staves per instrument for some instruments (because some of the defaults seem odd to me).

Is there a way to save this so I don’t have to go through the process every time I start my machine and open Dorico?


You can save any configuration… go File menu/save as…

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Thanks. It looks like Save As… just allows me to save the file/score under a different name.

Save template would save the instrumental layout which may or may not save the NPPE choices–I’ll have to try it–but my next score may not have the same score layout.

I was hoping their was a way in NPPE to say, “These are are the instrument replacements I want unless I say otherwise.” :slight_smile:

By the way, if I choose (just for example) a BBCSO clarinet in NPPE, but decide I’d prefer one from VSL, I can see how to add VSL but not how to get rid of the BBCSO one (without starting all over in NPPE).

Everything is working OK; it’s just all about efficient workflow at this point.

To change the playback of an instrument from NPPE to VSL, you do not have to get rid of the NPPE sound (unless you want to go through the hassle). You can just add the VSL VST and instrument and direct the instrument track to the MIDI channel of the VSL sound.

You can save your configuration as autostart.np_template and it will load whenever you start nppe.

To change an instrument to a different library just click on the right where it says eg BBCSO horn and select another library from the popup menu. All the options you own will be listed…

So, you use Save As… from Dorico with that naming convention (autostart.np_template)? Sorry, I’m slow.

No, they are talking about “Save as …” in NPPE.

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There is no way to associate a DORICO project with a NPPE project. You can, however, if convenient, add NPPE to the computer’s Startup folder. NPPE will then start at boot up and load the autostart template automatically.