Save preset AND samples

As I see correctly, there’s no way to save preset and samples from a program except using the vstlibrary export option.
I work often on two machines (which isn’t a good solution for most of the Steinberg products, sry). Creating a sample based program, storing is only possible to MediaBay and an export as vstpreset to a selected drive/folder/whatever, but without the samples. Of course, we can create a MediaBay folder in Dropbox e.g. but the samples in a Halion program are with an absolute path, which is … when working on sample based program on two or more machines.

Maybe I’m totally wrong or there’s a way without fiddling in the filesystem, that I didn’t see.

You can export the program as vst3 preset with files. It should use relative path so you can move or copy it as long as you keep the the working directory (folder) intact.

Using Relative Paths - HALion Tutorials & Guidelines - Steinberg Developer Help

Thanks, I’ll try it. Looks quite good.

It works, thank you!