'save preset' dialog's parent folder button broken

in the ‘save preset’ dialog, there are times when the navigation button allowing a user to move from the present folder to the parent folder doesn’t work.


  • open a ‘save preset’ dialog from a component that allows this [e.g., EQ].
  • click on ‘new folder’.
  • double-click on the new folder that appears, so you can enter it.
  • click the up arrow to return to the parent folder.
  • click the left arrow to return to previous browse view. this places you back inside the subfolder, as it should.

it is now impossible to return to parent folder.

Did you resolve this?

I have a similar problem with the ‘Save program as’ dialogue. I can create new folders but I cannot navigate into them. I have an “Imported” folder - which is not empty - but I can’t get into it. The navigation buttons seem to be permanently greyed-out.


Apologies, I’m in the wrong place. My problem is with Halion 5 :blush: