Save Project as a Protools Project

I love Cubase… not so fond of Protools, but have had to have it to transfer project to go to final mixing and mastering at record company studios. THe only reason I have Protools is to save a very rough mix of the project (no effects) in order that the engineer who is mixing can hear what I’m hearing… saves many hours…
Is there any way to save the project as a Protools project please?
If not, do you think you might consider it? because I know other Cubase lovers who even record on Protools just so that they can get the project into the studio
Anyway, thank you and have a great day!

You might just as well ask Avid to support import from Cubase project :wink:

Pretty sure it’s never going to happen, either way.

Have you tried OMF? It’s probably as close as you’re going to get so maybe worth researching.

I’ve had good results through OMF but I normally export or render Broadcast Wav files and then spot them into position in PT (because this file format contains project time code position). It works well.


Thank you very much. I haven’t tried OMF
As far as a marketing strategy… the support for Protools would have stopped me purchasing Protools, and, in many cases I know of, kept people on the Cubase platform for recording.
Teally appreciate your response and I will learn about OMF… Grim & GargoyleStudio
Have a great day!