[Save] Project Info not accessible in newest iPad version? and more

I am using the newest iPad version of Dorico
1.) I can’t access the [Save] button, when I have put information into the Project Info window, even on my iPad 12.9".
2.) I can’t double tap the text fields in that dialogue to select.
3.) Shift-X: I can’t edit any text, once I have input it once. The text seems frozen.
4.) To change the Lyrics line, I have to input Line 2 to get Line 3, Line 3 to get Line 4 and so on, there is an offset built in…

There are more little oddities, I just thought I’d put them down for reference.

You should be able to open the Project Info dialog by tapping on the project name in the toolbar or via the application menu at the right-hand end of the toolbar.

Double-tapping on the score to start note input or on items to edit them is not possible in Dorico for iPad 5.0.11 but will be possible in the next update, which is coming very soon.

To change the line of lyrics during input, tap on the line number in the popover.

If you have a keyboard Cmd-I certainly works for project info.

O sorry, the thread title is misleading, I just edited it, by adding [Save].
I can access the Project Info via the little
“burger” icon.
But I can not access the [Save] button, as it gets out of view. I don’t even know wether it is a [Save] button - or an [Apply] button.
I’ll try to attach a screenshot (I can’t get far enough down):

That’s actually a nice touch, I didn’t know this yet, thank you.

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There’s no Apply button: when you tap Close, the dialog will close and the changes will be applied.

I see, that’s good to know.
It’s a basic GUI concept of iOS that all saving is done in the background, it’s just hard to get used to it.
It still leaves this small graphical issue with the Project Info Window not displaying completely - even on the (now) largest 12.9" screen. I have heard roumors about even larger screen sizes coming up…

The latest iPad versions are managing the data very well, I haven’t had a single loss since 5.0. Sometimes it’ll seem to decide that it needs a reboot and when getting back into the app it’ll be restarting, or maybe just reloading the project. Anyhow not a single note dropped.