Save project manually also create BAK files - even if autosave is off

Always nice with a little backup history of the saves.

But as it is now - this is only by timer - which to me is a bit scary and sometime is done inconveniently.
And this asynchronous operation is always risky as well.

So ability to turn off autosave by timer - and still have a set of x number of BAK-files for every manual save - as you set in Preferences.

With this activated, manual save do exactly same as autosave by timer, just that you are in charge when this is a good spot to do it.
Press Ctrl+S and still get BAK history done for you.

There is this Save As New Version - but this also clutter recently used projects list, and fill that quickly.
And nothing is ever deleted.

In Sonar you can turn off autosave - but let setting for backup copies still work doing manual save. Really good.

Thanks for any support on this.

+1 Good idea.

Regards :sunglasses: