Save Project question

Hello. What exactly is saved when you save a project?

In practical terms … it saves what ever is in your WL session … so wav files, montages, batch processors etc. … everything that you are looking at when you close WL is there when you open that .wpr again.

If you are really busy, this mundane feature is especially valuable.

For example, in my system I have a a new folder for each new mastering project (like most I expect). This has a number of subfolders, one of which is ‘WaveLab’. In that there is a ‘template’ .wpr Project that is re-named to match each new mastering project (with Tabs for montages/masters/references/batch processors/etc It’s also where I save the montages for that project.

The dialogue in Project allows you to check items specifically that get saved.

Hope that I have understood your question and this is of some help.

Super helpful! Thank you! I will have to pay attention to the dialogue in Project closer.