Save properties panel edits across layouts?

Is there a way to tell Dorico that I’d like changes I’ve made in the properties panel in write mode (such as show/hide accidental, gliss text, rest position etc etc) in one layout to apply to all layouts? I’ve been editing the full score layout for a chamber piece but noticed that the editing I’ve done doesn’t appear in the “piano score” layout I’ve made.


Full score (what I want it to look like):

Piano score:

As a newbie I’d also just like to learn more about what does save across layouts, and what can be with the right settings. Can I make (beat and measure-specific) graphics appear across layouts without having to add them individually to each layout? For example in this piece I’m going to have 3 graphics representing black keys/white keys/both and there will be dozens of them throughout the score, and it would be really nice if all layouts that have piano in them could automatically have those graphics as I add them.

Not sure if this topic is related: Copy edits from part to full score - Dorico - Steinberg Forums


To save properties changes, select the notes, and Propagate Properties.

For the other, you can do it with a custom playing technique, by importing a graphic. That’s the best option, since it’ll attach to a specific rhythmic location on the staff.

Thanks a bunch!