save same project with different plugin states

I’m mixing/ mastering a project right now, and ideally I’d like to do a “save as” and have the project settings, including plugin settings, to be saved for each mix/ master bounce I do. This doesn’t seem to work with “save as”. Is there a way to save the project in different states like this? Thanks for the help.

Are you saying that if you save the project as, “Project A”, then change the plug-in states or settings, then save as, “Project B”, they are still the same? That would be very strange indeed.
I am thinking I must be misunderstanding…

I just rechecked this with a brand new project, and I was mistaken. Saving the same project as a different file DOES save the plugin states. I must have done something wrong when I first tried this. Sorry for the unnecessary thread, and thanks!

Now I understand your avatar pic better, Thanks.