Save selected audio as

I’m on Wavelab 12 Elements on a PC.
I want to save as a separate file only part of an audio file:
In previous versions of Wavelab it was shortcut [Shift+E]
I can’t find a shortcut or even a file-menu reference.
How can I save only the selected audio as a separate file, please?

One easy way:

But there is even a quicker way: call this, then paste it to the destination application or even Windows Explorer.

A third way, is to drag the range to create a new tab, and then call the standard Save function.

Thanks PG1
OK … so there’s no shortcut like in previous versions where we could simply select the audio and hit [poopies+E]? That used to bring up the usual Save As window but it was only saving the selected section of audio.

No, this shortcut no longer exists.

just select audio & export to new file (shift+C)
then ctrl+save , opens up the save dialog

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