Save selected channels

I have searched for this topic but couldn’t find anything relevant.

My problem/question is about saving selected channels in the mixer. I have set up a drum sound consisting of three different EZ drummer kits. That makes it 24 different drum channels in the mixer. I want to save the setting using ‘save selected channels’ in the Cubase mixer so i can easily bring up the same settings in other projects.

That works fine with regards to volume setting, effects etc, but the names of the channels and colours ARE NOT SAVED! Is there a way to do this? Surely there must be. The point of ‘saving selected channels’ i guess would be to save setting easy and to import these exact setting into other projects? Now after importing the selected channels i have to give them colours and rename every single track! I am hoping someone can help me out here and explain how to save both name and colours as well as the track settings.

Cubase 6.02

Have you tried saving it as a template?

Do you mean saving the whole project as a template? I can do that. But i would like to import the selected drum channels only into existing project that already contain bass, guitars, synths etc. I do not want to start the whole project from almost scratch.

So yes, i can make a template to have my drums set up with colours, names, effects etc. But that would again mean that i would spend just as much time importing the other instruments into the project.


I experienced wrong in/out routings on loaded channels.

Also the FX send settings are not loaded correctly. the send values are okay - but the target FX channel is always a wrong one (even if it is exactly the same FX setup)

for me “save channel settings” just works for saving an inserts FX plugin setup - but I always have to check the sends and the routing.

And yes - it would be nice if the CH-name and color would be saved too!

Have you tried creating a Track Preset from them?

I have not tried creating a Track preset, i will try that and post on here how that works out.

I should have mentioned that you can create presets of multiple tracks. The manual can explain better than I can.

I followed the manual instructions but could not make a functioning track preset…

By sheer coincidence, I have just tried creating one myself and then couldn’t see it in the list. However, it was there in MediaBay and in Windows I could see it and others I’d created (but which also failed to appear). Don’t know why it’s not picking them up but maybe you created one and just can’t see it.

I could save a track preset of my 3 midi tracks and also import them into other projects. This way i can save the different drum maps for the tracks, but not the outputs that show up in the mixer.

I also got an official reply from Steinberg about this which read: “This issue doesn’t seem to have been improved in version 6.0.3.” And so there is no option for what i am trying to do here. Hopefully this can be looked at future versions?