Save Settings Studio EQ

Hi …

I have recently started using this built-in plug more and more. As an aside, it’s quick to find a sound that you’re looking for and that … combined with the fact that it’s quite transparent … is the sign of a well designed audio tool. Kudos for this PG.

It’s my practice to save plug in settings in a folder within the project folder so I can recall them down the track.

Unless I am missing something, this is difficult to do with Studio EQ since the only save option is as a ‘pre set’. I only want to save it as a setting, not as a pre-set.

Other 3rd party plugs of course present with the option of ‘save as’ allowing you to select a specific folder to save a setting.

The work around is to select the path of the setting folder I want and save the setting as a ‘pre-set’ there. But this is not quite the same thing and what happens to this after I delete the sessions folder from the drive next month (a copy is retained on our archive drives).

Am I missing something? Is it possible to maybe look at presenting a different ‘save option’?

I don’t really follow. Espesically, the Studio-EQ is not different from other VST-3 plugins.
What difference do you make between a setting and a preset?

Saving a setting makes that setting into a pre-set. So they both can be the same thing.

Maybe Rat was referring to Waves plugs, where you can store settings in the “presets-menu”, or as a single preset/file in a separate folder (or both options).

Fair question.


Let’s use the VST Sonnox Limiter as an example. It has a pre-set menu from which you can load a pre set. You can save a new preset or overwrite an existing preset.

It also has a separate settings menu that allows a ‘save’ option. This lets you save the particular setting as, for example ‘3_Limiter’, in a folder that you might have within the session folder you have set up for the project. You can also load a specific setting from this same menu.

By saving the setting only … that is, not as a pre set … it:

  • can be loaded again from where you saved it
  • does not appear as a pre set.

Why would you want to do this? Well, today is a typical day for me and I’m doing a single this morning and an album this afternoon/evening. I’d expect that there will be at least 6 different settings that I’ll need to save for the limiter alone by the end of today. If I save each of these as a pre set, each of these then pops up as a pre set. Pretty soon the preset menu will be full of pre sets that don’t relate to any current projects.

And, I wouldn’t want to delete them as I may need to recall the settings months down the track for something like a new ‘radio edit’ or broadcast version that maybe required by a label.

So, a setting is a a configuration that is specific to the project.

A pre set on the other hand is more in the nature of a ‘template’ … something to call up as a starting point that, in turn, is adjusted to a specific setting. Saving settings as pre sets is a kind of ‘untidy’ way of organizing sessions notes.

I hope this helps in explaining the work flow differences I perceive between saving settings and pre sets.

I appreciate … of course … that we all work differently.

PG … I’ve just appreciated that the example I gave you is not a VST-3 plug. Is that relevant?

Then I don’t follow :confused: The Studio EQ you quote, is a VST-3 plugin.

PG …

I’m not doing a very good job at explaining … apologies.

All I meant was that the non-VST 3 plugs have this additional dialogue. The EQ VST 3 plug does not appear to.

Does this help?