Save-Show (Doesn't save-show) New Chord Diagrams in Dialog box


If I understood right is not possible to save new Chord Diagram which have one of notes that is not part of the original Chord name?

Dorico save all different type of new Chord Diagram if all of the notes are part of the original Chord name. If one note is changed, Dorico save it in the side Toolbar, but don’t show it in the Dialog Box?

It is any possibility to show the new Chord Diagram, which contains notes that are not parts of the original Chord name also in the Dialog Box?


Thank You.

Chord diagrams in Dorico are really concerned with the shape of the chord, rather than the name of the chord, so if you have (say) a D chord and then add a note that is not part of that chord, it’s no longer a D chord: it’s now a shape for a chord with the notes of the D chord and that added note, so you would need to create a chord symbol for the chord that contains the added note for it to appear when you are choosing chord diagrams.