Save source wavs used in loopmash2 to project folder?

Is it possible to save the source audiofiles used in a loopmash 2 session to your project audio folder?
Is there any way they can be collected automatically and saved to a folder?

Thank you.

no one who knows where the used wavefiles in a loopmash2 are stored / or how they can be saved to a folder?

You could just copy the clip from the LoopMash content folder into your project folder.
The factory content for Loopmash has it’s own folder. Can’t remember the path exactly but Media Bay should show it with the other factory content for Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent, etc.
What I have done is, FIRST, import the clip into my project on an unused audio track (select the option to copy the clip to the working directory), THEN, drop the clip into LoopMash from my project window. This way my clips are saved with the project.

All that being said, I do think it would be a good feature to have some way of (by choice, of course) storing (or copying) the used clips in the project folder during the save process or something.

You could also argue that LoopMash is just a sample player like Groove Agent, Halion, Kontakt, etc. I guess I wouldn’t want the samples for the sounds I used in a project to be copied to the project folder because it would get too large and be redundant. So to summarize…

If you want the loops available in all projects, store them in the LoopMash content folder.
If you want the loops just available in one project, store them in the project folder.