Save specific settings as default


I mostly write for solo guitar and lead sheets etc. I would like to be able to save certain settings as default so that I don’t need to go in and change those settings every time I create a new arrangement. For instance, I’d like to save the chord diagram size (making it bigger than it is in default), and save that for all future documents I create. Is this possible now? If so, could someone help me and tell me how I can do that?
Thanks for making the best notation software on the market! Bye bye Sibelius! :slight_smile:
Kind regards/Emil Ernebro, Sweden

I’ve only just updated to D4. I have a feeling that the library manager will be able to help you out, in that you’ll be able to transfer your settings from one project to another.

The way I’ve been getting around this with D3.5 is to just have my own template set up with everything how I like it.

Maybe there’s another way?

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Thanks Daniel,
Yes - creating a template is probably the best way to get the same settings for each new project. That’s a good idea, I’ll start by doing that. There might be other ways too, but for now this works!
Have a great day and thanks again!

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