SAVE speed takes too long

Hi, is there a way to speed up SAVE time of my project? Talking about ccs 850KB file sizes, but save suspends my computers for 30-35secs that meight not be necessary.

4Mb at my site and it needs 1-2 secs.

What kind of tracks do you have?


Thanks, at least we can exclude MIDI tracks from the possible source of problem:) I wouldn’t be surprised if that is because my DMX tracks, but they’re stored in diff files, the proj file remains small

But I’m still using VL 1.4.70, as I’m not able to get Halion Sonic 7 running with VL2. So this may also be a difference.

What’s the problem with Halion Sonic? It works well in my VL2 configuration.

look here [2.0.13] Access problems - #13 by Spork

Save is usually very fast. As always, all plugins save their states and we have no control over what those do and how long they take. Other than that, maybe loads of setlist Songs…but even that should not take too long.

Unless you save to network, or still use your 1985 Atari 20 MB harddisk, size doesn’t matter at all.

Dear @musicullum , can you try with my project file how it behaves on your computer? I have the same hyper slow saving back to V1.4.x and V2, both MAC and WIN. About from the time when created DMX tracks

Maybe stupid, but have the feel it runs an initial inventory checking from additional files (eg markers, dmx…) at saving…


I still have mine, with Pro24.

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It does. We’re checking with your xmas project and see how we can improve.

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That project will be good for testing. Current save time is quite the same with it.