Save template without content?

Why is there no way to save user templates without content. It would be so easy for the Steinberg to include the possibility, and I cannot understand why they don´t. It is such a drag to delete a lot of music files everytime you want to use the template.
Maybe I have missed something, please enlighten me in such case…! This problem has been there since donkey´s years. It´s just silly that nothing is done about it!


It’s very easy to remove the whole project content.

  • Ctrl/Cmd+A (Select All)
  • Delete
  • Remove Media from the Pool

You can make a Macro, if you need to do this often.

Hi and thanks for answering! BUT If I have projekt A with recorded audio etc and saves this as a template B and then opens B and erase the audio content, doesnt the content in A also get erased?

And anyway doesn´t it seem to be very uneconomic as far as disc space goes to save all the content with the template?


Once you Empty the Pool’s Trash, make sure, you don click the Erase button, but you click the Remove from Pool button instead.

If you want to be 100% sure, you can first make the backup of the A project. Then you can make the template from the backup, to make sure, the source A project is untouched.

Thanks I can see those possibilities, but wouldn´t it be so much easier if Steinberg had just put in a little tick-box for “saving without media” or something like that! :-)!

Yes. 7- 8 years asking for such a checkbox