Save the active Quantize Preset with the project

The way it works now:
Say I have 2 different projects and project A uses an 1/8 note quantize grid and project B uses an 1/8-triplet grid. If I have B open and the grid set to 1/8-triplet notes, then close Cubase entirely and reopen it with project A the grid will still be set to triplets. If I reset quantize to straight 1/8’s in A then close it and open B the grid will still be 1/8 and not the triplets.

This is because Cubase remembers the last Quantize Preset used. A better way of doing it would be to save the Quantize Preset with the project. That way when you open a project it will automatically use the preset you want and you wouldn’t need to change them. Also if you have used a preset with some subtle timing changes the current method can make it hard to reset it correctly if you don’t remember or make a note to keep track of the name of the preset you used.

+1, seems like natural behavior to save with project