Save to default

I have saved to default all the time my preferences but its never become like the last time.
Every time i lost all my configurations
Someone can help?

Can you be a little more specific about the particular things you are attempting to save, and how you have attempted to save them, and where you are expecting to see your settings but they are not present?

All my chords settings i was losting every time i restart, but now i am restoring saved setings and go well(sorry my englih)

Another thing its my midi its plying normally but when i try to record with my midi keyboard(Komplete 49) dorico only plays the notes but dosent record them

Have you selected a staff before you press Record?

yes, i selected the first bar and press Comamand R, and i tryied to Shift N to input notes by midi.
The very strange its that its playing the staff sound, but dont record

Have you added a time signature and blank bars before recording? Recording will not create bars.