Save to same location as opened as default?

Is there a setting that I’m not seeing that forces Wavelab to choose the same location of where I opened a file as the save-newly-rendered file location as well?

Whenever I open a file in Wavelab and go to render it, it wants to render in the previous session’s location for rendering which for me, is almost never the case. If it could choose the same location where it was opened from, that would be less frustrating for me as usually name the file something different anyway so it won’t get overwritten.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

In the render location field you have two dropdown menus. One is a triangle that points down and you have the option of “Set Source Folder”. I think this is what you want but it doesn’t seem that WaveLab remembers this setting globally so I would argue that a setting that makes this setting consistent globally would be good for your case. For now, you’d have to make this selection before each render which would be annoying if you are rendering a lot of files.

The other dropdown menu looks like a folder icon and this is a list of recently used paths and in some cases, this list can be useful to quickly point the render location to a folder you recently used. Or, as I often do is point to a recently used render folder but then manually tweak a few characters as needed to change from V1 to V2 or from 1644 or 2496 when rendering different master formats etc.

I just tried to see if there was a special trick to get the “Set Source Folder” option to remain active but as far as I see, you can’t do this. Possibly a good feature request.

Maybe somebody else has a better trick but I certainly don’t see one.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve been using the workarounds you mention. They just interrupt my workflow a little bit when I get really busy. It would be excellent to just have a global setting somewhere. That, and have it show “All” file types - WL remembers when I create an MP3 and then only shows MP3s unless I select All Files from the drop down. Minor complaints, but when you’re in the groove and busy, those little things take their toll.

Not sure this is what you mean, but:

I think in the original post and the subject line of this thread, there is some confusion between the term “render” and simply saving a montage file or WAV file.

I think the actual question is if you can permanently lock the “set source folder” option in the render location path options so it always renders the new file to the same location as the source file.

I think so too - at least I make the mistake too quite often, and as a result render files the wrong place.
I really like all the options but would prefer that “set source folder” would be default.


Yes, I don’t ever use this workflow but I can see how some people might want to open a bunch of audio files or montages to render new files and have the render location folder always change to match to the same folder as the source file.

Maybe PG will consider it as a feature request for the future.

I hope so ;->


If a montage has clips from files in different directories, how do you suggest making the choice of destination?


An interesting question, but maybe in the case of the montage, the “set source folder” should default to where the montage file is saved to.

In the case of single audio files, the “set source folder” should default to where the source audio file is.

Also, I think the current way is OK, but I can see that some users would want the “set source folder” setting to remain permanent.

Right :bulb: :mrgreen: