Save Track Delay in Miliseconds?

I have a couple of hardware synths which I have to manually adjust to the right amount of miliseconds a lot. Is there a way to save these as presets?


This should be part of track preset, or am I wrong?

I would recommend do the settings on the global level. Use External Instruments in the VST Connections.

Thanks! I tried using this, but I cannot assign a MIDI Device for some reason. I use the Prodipe 4x4 USB Midi interface.

Do you mean in the VST Connections > External Instruments window? You have to Create Device, if you don!t have any.

I tried that, but then I get the following problem seen in the picture below. No matter how much I choose or what I click, I cant click ‘‘ok’’ and confirm I have a mididevice :confused:


You have to set the name of the Device and set the Individuální Output Channels.