Save track preset don't keep Output or Pic

When I save my Drum track preset they don’t recall my outputs (Drum Group) or the Pic I choose for each tracks ’ I know I’m being really picky but there’s always place for improvement …

Great Job so far Steinberg I LOVE MY NEW C7.5


Yeah, I’d love to be able to save outputs too until I realise that the new project I’m loading the preset into is totally different!

To me it makes sense that they leave that open. And assigning all drum outputs to a group is easy with Q-Link.

But 7.5 seems much more aware of your whole signal path. It would be wonderful if you could simply save the whole path, from Instrument Track to outputs to Group.

Man I lovvvvvvvve Q-link, thanks for the info !

Yeah. Q-Link = life.