Save Track Preset including Audio Clip?


After a lotttt of years working with Cubase as my main DAW, I just found out how useful Save Track Preset can be to speed up my workflow.
Which is really exciting :smiley:

I was wondering;
Is it possible to Save an Audio Event to a saved Audio Track? For instance. I really like this particular Cymbal Rise I made. I want to use it more often in other projects.
Now that I just learned about Track Presets, Iā€™m hoping to get that track (including the insert fx) into my new project in no time, including the Cymbal Rise Audio event.

Is this possible?

ps. and what about Midi Events saved to an Instrument Track?


file > export > selected tracks (save with copy of media files - it should copy selected channels)

in your next project try:

file > import > selected tracks (make active the tracks you wanted to have imported to your project - it should import effects, instruments etc)