Save Track Preset Option: Save Data w/ Track Preset (Could be useful for expression maps as well)

Was mostly thinking this for MIDI.

My use case at the moment was, I’m using a MIDI track and its note output to trigger CC binded parameters in a plugin.

I wanted to save a track preset that would retain the MIDI events with the applicable notes already entered and muted, so that I can quickly utilize them/know which are binded.

unfortunately, the MIDI events won’t be recalled with the track preset.

A simple option in the Save Track Preset protocol, to retain MIDI data would be useful

Export as midi loop might work?

Exporting a MIDI Loop only works with Instrument Tracks, and Export MIDI will just export MIDI with no Cubase track info.

My current workaround, is putting all these types of tracks into a template, and then using ‘Import Track from Project’