Save Track Preset with Pan & level information?

Is it possible to save track presets from the mixer and have them maintain their Pan and level information? I tried right-clicking on an FX track in the mixer and choose “save track preset” but when I reload this preset on another FX track its only loading the insert effects and not the pan or level information. Any idea why this is and how to fix it?

You can do this using the Track Export function. I routinely use it to import BFD set ups and they include level, pan and inserts, also BFD is correctly pre-routed to a mix of stereo and mono tracks.This export also works for FX tracks and tracks routed to groups. It’s a very handy feature.

To save: First highlight the desired track or tracks in the arrange page then: File>Export>Selected Track …Name it and save it.
To load: File> Import > Track Archive …then select your previously saved file. You need to choose whether to copy or refererence any data saved with the file, if in doubt use copy.