Save track with wah automation as a preset / save track etc.?

Hi, I have created a track to play guitar into which already has Helix Native for amps / cabs etc and Cubase wah wah on Inserts. The point of this preset track is that I always want a channel of wah wah guitar available already set up to wah on bass drum beat 1 and snare drum beat 3, so I have created that in automation and will extend it to 10 mins long, so it just sits there waiting for me to add audio and switch it on and off for recording future tracks:

But the problem is its does not save the automation, the only thing ist seems to save is the inserts, which I could add in no time. Any suggestions?

Is there an option to save a track which has some sacrificial audio in it, or something which will open at the other end with the automation sill there?

or will I have to create a .cpr file which has everything in it set up, but no audio, and I open each time, and do a Save As? I just tried this and a Save-As did not create new audio files in the new project folder I made