Save User Settings in Cloud

Never lose Settings anymore.

Download settings when in another Studio.

Copy Settings from other users.

+1 for this feature request if it has a preference option to enable/disable it.

Regards :sunglasses:


I would love not having to worry about my profile/settings ! :smiley:

How are your experiences with user profiles for Cubase Pro 8.5?

From the manual:

  • Profiles include the following: • Preferences • Toolbar settings for all windows • Global workspaces • Track control settings • Track control presets • Presets for input and output busses • Plug-in collections   • Quantize presets • Crossfade presets • Key commands

It’s not in the cloud, but what it says is kind of what has been asked for: simpler preference management.

Good start but it would be safer in the cloud and good for those of us who use multiple computers.

+1, very good idea

I don’t need the cloud, personally. I’m just happy if things get less complicated and more manageable, and it seems to be a step in that direction. For those who want a cloud: You could try syncinc your profile/preferences folder with Gobbler, for example. Just an idea…

Yeah, the preference would be key.