Save with Comment

Sure would be nice when hitting the save button you got a little window to jot a few notes about the changes you just made. Then under the file menu you could later Show Project History and see all your notes with a date/time stamp.

You can keep a log of changes in the Project Notepad now, but I do see the utility in being reminded to do so at file Save time.

One possibility that occurs to me is to have a configurable toggle option - if Off, then as now, if On then a “Would you like to make an entry in the Project Notepad?” dialog would pop up at file Save time. (IOW, allow the user to choose to have a reminder if desired, else not.)

Try creating a macro that

  1. opens the Notepad
  2. does a save or save as
    and assign it to a keystroke.

This is dependent on the Notepad initially being closed.