Save work as I'm going along?

I did just manage to cobble together a small score - but couldn’t fighure out how to save it - I clicked the return to hub option and seem to have lost all my work - does anyone know how to save the work as I’m going along so I can come back to it later?
(same as file-> save as on a mac)

Are you sure you lost all your work. Dorico iPad should have saved it automatically.
You should also be able to use CMD+S just to be sure, if you have a Bluetooth QWERTY kbd.

I don’t have a keyboard - just using the virtual one

Work should still be saved automatically. When returning to Hub (top left arrowhead).

that’s what I pressed - and that’s when it evaporated…
I’ve currently got four projects in the recent section - but I can’t make head nor tail of what’s what.
Is there not a graphical equivalent of “save as” or do I need to get a keyboard just for that feature? hopefully not!

oh I’ve now found a version with the material under a title untitled project. Can’t seem to change the name but I’ve uploaded to google drive so that might be a way to back up.

Oh dear Dorico won’t open the google drive file - back to square one.

When you click the left-pointing arrow in the top-left corner of the display, Dorico saves the project and returns to the Hub. The last project you opened will be the first project shown on the Open Recent page of the Hub, so you can tap that one to resume working on the score. If you find the project has an unhelpful name, either tap the menu button in the Hub and choose Rename, or when the project itself is open, tap the project’s title in the toolbar to open the Project Info dialog: the Title you provide in there will then be used as the filename thereafter.