Saveable shapes in the controller lanes?

Hello all,
Random question, is there a way to save a custom shape in the midi controller lanes so you can assign it to a key and click it in quickly?

I spend a lot of time cleaning up and redrawing in curves for say, vibrato/expression. I was thinking if I could save such a curve, every time I need to do this, I could just click where I want it and press a key to insert it.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Many thanks,


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Don’t think there’s a way to save. The best you can do I think is to draw it once, then you can copy and paste from that.
You could also make an otherwise empty project with just the curves you want to save in it and copy from there to paste. That’s the closest I know to get what you want.


Agree that Copy & Paste is the closest you can get. Depending on how many curves you would want to keep in a curve library you could also put it on a dedicated Track in your Template.

Also keep in mind that your cc data can be stored in two different places 1) a Track’s Automation Lane or 2) within a MIDI Part. I’d think for library management purposes MIDI Parts would be easier.


This is a tool that I wish I had at times. And then I remember the line tools. Then I try to use them, I get frustrated and leave them alone. If only they were easier to use and produced clean data with the new curves we got for the controller lanes.

Keeping a good library of vibratos, swells, ramps etc would be much easier if we could just drag and drop to Mediabay on the right zone, instead of exporting midiloops to use later or importing parts from other projects.

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