saved or default setting for "Lock punch Points..."

The new feature, “Transport/Punch Points/Lock Punch Points to Locators” is not something I particularly want to bother with much, since my working methods don’t involve cycle recording. This feature may be quite useful for certain uses I’m sure, but the problem for me is that this setting always defaults to “not locked”, and is not memorized in any shape or form. Being used to using only the locators for punch in/out locations for the last 26 years, this setting has caused me to accidentally lose a number of irreplaceable recordings (As a pro session player, I usually get it right on the first take, but not necessarily thereafter), thinking that the recording will start at the left locator when “punch-in” is activated (and same problem with punching out on the right locator), but doesn’t happen because the “real” punch in points have not been set :blush: . Nor is anything visible to indicate as such!

So, my suggestion is to enable this setting to be memorized, just like just about every other setting in Cubase. This could be done by automatically saving this setting with the song, which would of course include templates. Another alternative would be to provide the setting of ‘on’ or ‘off’ be set using a Preferences command.

Why this hasn’t already been thought of and implemented along with this feature is frankly baffling to me! :confused:

I wonder if this is a bug or intended this way.
“Lock punch points to locators” is not memorized in a project or in preferences.
For me this a problem too, because I also am used to punch in at the left locator.
I mostly forget resetting the little symbol in the transport bar after Cubase startup.
In fact I have hidden the punch locators and the icon in the transport bar.