Saved snapshots in Cubase 11 Pro are suddenly not recalling some or all of the sends

I have a project with four saved mixer configuration Snapshots. Sometimes, unpredictably, when I recall one of the snapshots, there are no sends, or one or two sends are missing. Before updating or creating a snapshot, I check to be sure the sends are correctly configured. I never experienced this behavior before in Cubase. It sometimes happens when I recall another snapshot (which has basically the same sends as the other three snapshots in this project) without closing or exiting Cubase, then when I recall the prior snapshot, some or all its sends are missing. Other times, I save and close the project, and when I reopen it, sends are missing from some of the snapshots. It is a small project, with 8 or fewer audio tracks, using mostly Cubase plugins, and others I have used many, many times in Cubase without incident. My PC has plenty of processing power and RAM, and a super-fast SSD. The issue seems to only affect sends on one particular stereo audio track, the one for electric guitar. Please help me get the snapshots to recall the sends correctly. It is a critical aspect of the mixer setup I need to save. And manually checking and redoing the sends defeats the workflow advantage of using snapshots.

It looks like many others in the forum have reported failures of the snapshot feature. The only posted response I have seen from Steinberg is that snapshots were “fixed in Cubase 12”! Steinberg marketed snapshots as a major feature of Cubase when I bought Cubase 11 Pro. Now they are suggesting the only way to get the feature to work is to pay more money for an upgrade to 12. Wow–just wow!