Saved VST config settings Cubase 7.5.x bug

Ok time to write about it. What absolutely sucks, that Cubase 7.5 is not able to keep saved settings in the VST-Connection Configuration. I am already making always screenshots, because I know that it is only a matter of time, the chosen setting will give me just empty connections. But sometimes I forget to make a screenshot. And than like now, I can configure it all over again. Please please Steinberg, FIX that, please, please, please …

People ask for this since version 5, I don’t think steinberg is interested on external outboard improvements.

Connection settings are GLOBAL not saved with a project or template
If your connection setting requirments are different per session then you need to save each and every scenario as a connections preference.
The settings always reload as you left them the last time you closed Cubase.
If you then need different settings just load one of your other preferences.
This is not a bug, but by design AFAIK

Yep no bug, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Cubase can’t guess how you want it to be connected, you have to save the setup in vst-connections. But it would be great if you could save both in/out/external instruments /external FX in one go. I work on 4 different computers using 4 different setups, so I’m used to hitting F4 load input setup go to output at load that setup. It only takes a few seconds but it could be handled better, maybe with some aliases

Hm, thanks for the replies. But maybe I did not describe it right. There is the possibility in the vst connection setup to save a specific yconfiguration. The problem is that the configuration in this individuell saved settings just disappears. So my question is, why this possibility, when it just brings up on random basis. I choose the setting, but it brings up suddenly only no connections on all ports. This is for me a bug. And it appears only here. Key command settings work, also program settings, a.s.o…
For any reason the “ControlRoomPresets.pxml” gets borked regularly. And unfortunately the settings are not saved as individual files, like for example the Project Templates, or the Key Commands.