Saving a Drum VSTi multi channel setting mixing console

So, I use Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
If I select a kit (E.g HITMAKER) I can activate multi outputs for it in Cubase Pro 12

If i go into the VSTi and route the kik, snare, hhts, OH etc. to different output channels … I can save that as SD3 preset (E.g HITMAKER DEFAULT KIT)

Back in Cubase 12…I dedicate Mixconsole 3 as a Drum Mixer
I name the Output Channels to match the VSTi routing and all is fine

If I load up another Project where I am using HITMAKER, I can load the VSTi HITMAKER preset…but how can I save the HITMAKER off the Mixconsole 3 config, names etc so I can call it up and use it in the new Project

For different SD kits, there will be differing output configs set up in the VSTi (E,.g usinbg Latin Perc not a drum kit) so I want a library available so that having selected the kit and VSTi preset, I can also call up its matching Mixconsole config

Sorry if this is obvious!!

Hi Guy, I use track archives for the exact purpose you describe.
I don’t have SD but have a library of track archives for Slate Drums, Modo drums, all of NI Kontakt drums, RMX and also multi output synths such as Omnisphere.
It’s not a difficult process either. Just set up SD for a particular preset including all tracks/channels, correct routing, any fx tracks you may want to include, If the preset is non 4/4 I include a signature track as well. You can also throw in a tempo track.
I put all this in a folder and save the lot with the relevant preset name.
Before exporting, Iif you use folders ,you must remember to expand the folder, select all channels/tracks and then export via the file menu-export-selected tracks.
It is then available to import wherever you like from the file-import-track archive.
Check out the manual for more details.

OK so for all drums you select all the mixconsole channels and export them all to a folder
For import you import ALL from that folder?
What does that put into the Project arrange window?
I assume no MIDI track but seperate tracks listed under the VST Instruments?
As I normally do not create individual MIDI tracks for each drum but have a composite MIDI Drum track