Saving a midi file as a project

Is there a way for me to open a midi file (from online), tweak it and save it as a project? I can’t seem to figure this out.


Hi Dzp111,

Please give the following steps a try.

A MIDI file has been transferred to Cubasis


  • Create a new project
  • Go to Media/MIDI/My MIDI files
  • Double tap the MIDI file you wish to open


Thanks for quick reply L.

I can get that far then do some tweaking but saving it is my issue. I’m unable to drag it anywhere and if I close it then re-open it the tweaks are gone. Is it possible that I’m downloading bad files? One of them shows up with 66 tracks.

And when I open a second file the first one keeps appearing.

I think I got it:

1- New project
2- Import Midi file
3- Tweak
4- Snapshot

Sound about right?