Saving a new template and Project Info

I love that we can now save our templates and have them available in the hub. Thank you!

When saving a template, however, there is an option to retain the Project Info with the template. I chose this when I saved my template because there are some things in the Project Info that I want to carry over to all new projects.

However, when I try to create a new document from that template, it appears to overwrite all of that project info.

Am I missing a step here, or is this not working as expected?

Whatever is specified in the Project title and Composer fields in the Create New page of the Hub will override the corresponding fields in Project Info, but all other fields should stay intact. If you want to create your new project without any of the options in the Hub taking effect, choose it from the File > New From Template submenu instead.

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Well, I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I just tried deleting the template I had added to the Orchestral category, opened up the file I had used for that template, saved it again as a template, checked “Preserve Project Info”, and now it works the way I thought it should. Maybe I only THOUGHT I checked “Preserve Project Info” the first time around.

Sorry for the false alarm :slight_smile: And THANK YOU for this feature. This has already done wonders for my workflow.

Just to clarify, Dorico preserves that template somewhere other than my original file that I used for “Save as Template”, correct? So if I get rid of that file, or modify it further, the template will remain the same, right?

Yes, correct: you can safely move or remove the original project file you used as the basis of your template.

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