Saving a plugin preset

Couple things with Save Preset protocol, is a.) There is no easy direct to overwrite loaded preset option, and b.) When saving a loaded preset, it doesn’t recall the name into the name entry for the option of overwriting, or more commonly, create a variation in the name. Thus, the user has to scroll through their list of presets in the Save window, find the one of reference, select it (now the name is in the entry), then create a variation.

This quirk is further compounded by the fact that some of us have long descriptive preset names and the preset name box is very small, and it also offers no “help box” mouse over pop up. Further there is no easy overwrite preset option… So… With the current save paradigm, It’s actually impossible for the user to know the full name of their preset to find it in the save menu to overwrite it or create a name variation.



Oh yes. +1!

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