Saving a project template file

Hi, I’m trying to save a project as a template for future use. Dorico Help says ‘Select File > Save as Template’. When I go into File there is no option for Save as Template. Is this because I need to ‘Remove all clips from the Pool before you save the project’? If so can you tell me how to do this please? Thanks

That’s Cubase help, not Dorico help!

Are you working with Cubase or Dorico?

Oops, sorry - I’m in Doric. Should I write again in the Doric forum? Thanks

No, you misunderstood. This is the Dorico forum.

I suspect that the “Dorico help” you refer to is this page here:
The page I’ve linked to is Cubase help, NOT Dorico help.

If you want to save an empty template in Dorico for future use, just save it as a regular Dorico file with a useful name (like ChoralTemplate.dorico). Then when you need to write another choral piece, open your ChoralTemplate file, immediately save it under the name of your new project and start working.

As yet there is no specific Save As Template function in Dorico.

Goingswimmingly, you are in the Dorico forum.
But the Dorico help doesn’t say anything about saving project as templates.
Where did you find that?

I would love to have this as a feature request - ‘Save As Template’

This is something we are certainly considering for a future version.


And at least in Windows, one can mark a would-be template file as “read-only” (in the file properties) to make sure one gets a warning if one inadvertently tries to save it without changing the file name.

In macOS you can set a file as template. If you open or double-click that file, a copy will be produced, which will be your new working file. The template file itself stays untouched/locked.