Saving a Project to a FASTER Drive

Usually I save my project to my external WD Passport Drive G: but I am wondering if it is better and more efficient to save to an internal Western Digital WD Gold HD which has a faster read/write speed.

Alan Russell

I have the Passport, works well with my laptops internal SSD drive. I would leave it, using the internal HDD drive to store project files along with the operating system would be less efficient than using the passport. When the passport gets overwhelmed by a large project, divide up the project files to the internal drive. That’s how I do it and everything works very smoothly.

According to the specs. there is a big read/write difference between a WD Gold int drive and a passport.

Is the internal drive your speaking of have the operating system on it? The passport separates the workload for your main drive. Most people out there have at least 2 hard drives, or even 3 or 4. Project files on one disk, samples on another, and the main drive is freed up for tasks. Things run smoother. If your talking just a few audio tracks and a couple of instruments then it won’t matter. Yes your HD drive is a little faster, but the 2 together with Cubase is better.

of course the C: Drive has the operating system windows 11 developers and cubase 13 professional. all of my projects were on that external usb wd passport drive and I find it the passport drive is way too slow compared to what I ordered for the D: Drive

I have a fast SSD drive for Windows and with about 60 audio tracks it chokes. On that Particular song I’ve split the duties up between both drives, all runs well now. If you are using USB type A connector for the Passport, make sure you are plugged in to a USB 3.0 port and not a 2.0 port.

That’s common sense my friend