Saving a project WITH audio/patches

Is this possible? REASON for example a “Song Self-Contain Settings” feature. Am I just missing something obvious for Cubase or does it not work that way?

Appreciate any insight.

If you are looking to have the audio files embedded in the Cubase project file - no, Cubase does not work that way.

What you can do, is use the “backup proj” feature from the file menu, which will save all audio files to the same dir.


I see, thanks.

When you started the Project, you should have created a folder for it. This folder would contain the cpr file, an Audio Files sub-folder, and maybe some other support files. The folder IS the Project.

If you neglected to do this when setting up the Project, “Backup Project” will do it for you.

(What WON’T be included are sample libraries from VST Instruments used by the Project.)