Saving a Sampler Track preset as self contained file?

Is there any way to save a sampler track instrument including the audio file in the same location rather than the preset having to access the session files I made the sampler instrument from. The current method will mean I always have to have session files stored locally forever. I cant find it, but maybe there is a way to create a sampler track instrument and save it as a self contained file?

I haven’t found a way to do this. Hopefully there’ll be some development down the line.

saving as a track preset or midi loop and using it in another session does currently not work. Even though I have Imported the used WAV Files in the pool into the new session before loading the sampler track trackpreset. The Sampler Track Patch simply shows (NO AUDIO FILE) when loaded in a new session. Any Way to do this correctly. Self contained file would be the best feature …

Steinberg has confirmed that file path to sampler track samples are broken. Links to samples only work if they are in their original file location.

Thanks for the update. @ Steinberg: I or WE :slight_smile: would like to save the patches created in the sampler track for media bay in a self contained file (containing all wav files) for future use. Thanks a lot, Cheers, lokotus

It would be great if there would be a way to embed the sample file to the Sampler Track Preset.

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