Saving all Mixer settings equivalent in N6 ?

Hello all,
I’m Back, with Nuendo 6 as a newbie… now I have some time to learn the new N6 interface
Maybe a stupid question: is there an equivalent of “Saving selected channels or all Mixer settings” avaliable in previous Nuendo releases in N6 that can be saved from one project and used into another one ?
With this new N6 mixer interface I’m lost…
Thanks for your help !


There’s little pull-down looking icon in the top right of the mixer - that pull-down menu has the save/load selected channels in list of things you can do there. If no channels are selected, the choice is not there. I don’t think Save All Mixer Settings is available any more.

Thanks for your help Steve…
I don’t like (I hate) this new mixer GUI but I’ll can live with it.

Hope this basic feature will be added back with a future update or wI’ll will have to change my workflow.