Saving an unactivated update I bought from cubase 10 pro

Hi, I bought an update from cubase 10 pro (to cubase 10.5) and havent activated it yet. I was planning on activating it when a feature I absolutely need would be released with an update. (I have read it automatically updates to the latest version, and there are other users saving their updates for better future versions too)
Will this be possible with the new licensing?
I was hoping to save it for a couple years more, but it seems like I’m forced to update, now that I wouldnt be able to update my cubase 10 license stored in the dongle to versions beyond pro 12 once the new system is adopted.

from: New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg


Will grace period updates be available for existing eLicenser-based products moving to Steinberg Licensing?

Free grace period updates will still be available for products using Steinberg Licensing. Further details about how to check eligibility for grace period updates will be provided in due course.

Thanks for your reply!
I wanted to know if I could skip a couple updates and activate my update straight to say a cubase 12.5 or 13 if I find it worthwhile, from cubase 10.

What I gather from the announcements is that updates/upgrades and grace period details will not change, though the exact technical manner in which they’d be applied could be different.

Guess i’ll have to wait. Thanks!

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