Saving and Loading user Content in 6.5.5

i have a question please…on the same computer i have to OSs, both Win7 64. Now on each i have Cubase,
on one x32 and on the main Studio OS i have 64. The other i use for internet and all kinds of things and
i keep Cubase to Demo plugins, experiments and other stuff. Sometimes i use the Internet OS for work too
mostly designing presets for synths…now its very it gets confusing. If i work on the Main Studio OS in lets
say Diva or Retrologue or whatever, i save the new patches and there they are. Sometimes i switch to the
other OS and now, if i do a new Patch in there i have to manually copy between the 2 and make sure they
are all the latest. My question is:

Is there a way to pinpoint Cubase where to save them from both OSs to a/the same folder in my main HDD?
This way no matter what OSs i use on my computer the patches always go to the same place and a read from there.



…I guess there is not a solution…

I guess there’s noone with your setup… I don’t see the reason for such a setup either, since you can have 32- and 64-bit Cubase on the same PC (partition).

Actually reasons are everywhere for this setup. One of them is, I have a clean Studio Setup
not clustered with other things…the 32 Bit on the Internet Setup was actually by Mistake
so I left it like that.