Saving and USING the REVerence Presets?

Can anybody tell me if they have managed to do this? What I find is that the file I save is not the file type the REVerence is looking for. It is only when I do a search from REVerence and select ‘ANY FILE TYPE’ that my presets are found. The file is clearly not being saved in a format that the device can find without some help.

Does anybody have a fix for this? Thank you in advance.

OK, perhaps these were old files that I had saved from C5… So I erased them and began again.

Alright, these new saved files can be loaded with a little effort.

However this is still not resolving my issue with REVerence. What I THOUGHT the presets were all about was to select particular verbs that I liked, SAVE THEM SUCH THAT THERE WAS A ‘PERMANENT’ SET OF SAVED PRESETS THAT WOULD LOAD WHEN I LOADED REV INTO ANY PROJECT, and then sample them as I played a track - experiencing the particular verb quickly without having to dig through the 79 verbs available. What I find is that I can load a project, select various verbs in REV - I DO NOT HAVE TO SAVE THEM - and when I think I have enough, I can click on the various blue boxes and sample the various verbs I have selected to demo the track with. AND OF COURSE ALL THESE PRESETS WILL BE ERASED WHEN I OPEN A NEW PROJECT AND LOAD REV. ??? However, !!!, this does not seem like the idea behind the presets.

I was thinking that one could establish a particular preset group that would load EVERYTIME I opened a new project and REV. Is this not the way? Really, have I misunderstood the REV preset feature? I have three other verbs that I use, two from Waves and SIR2, and I like them, SIR2 being my favorite with a fast IR switching process and simple GUI. However, I would like to use REV, too. It’s just so clunky as it changes to the various verb options while engaged and also as you select the various verbs. Am I missing something here?

Also, to add to the ‘clunkiness’ of REV, it often times gets the pictures associated with the various IRs confused with different IRs. You find this, too? To me it just points out the ‘unfinished’ and poor design side of the plugin. It’s a cool verb, but it never got perfected IMO.

BTW, does anybody know if they corrected this in C7?